Windows Wanted

With Natwest Rugby Force around the corner, IWRFC is on the search for a window company on the Isle of Wight to supply and fit some replacement windows to the club house. But this is a want with a difference, as we want them for free or as cheap as humanly possible, so free again. You’d be helping not only the home of rugby on the Isle of Wight, but also the young lads and Lasses of Vectis Rugby Club that use the club every Sunday during the season, you would help us save energy and we will advertise you and talk about you for months on here, in fact, it’s even been known for such a donation to receive a huge beer or two as thanks whilst watching a game in the comfort of the clubhouse.

It’s a big ask, but we have big plans, we want to Challenge IWRFC, without the spandex, helicopters and running around, we want clubhouse improvements for the club and community, and we want your help to do one window or maybe even two. Oh and if you had a door lying about the place, that would be great as well.

Please get in touch on, feature on this fine web site and receive many many heart felt thanks from so many people.



    1. Pretty sure I’ve never seen a pothole as such, would you like to add anything further

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