RFU Presidents Award heads back to IWRFC

As previously announced on the IWRFC Facebook Page, the club has been nominated for the prestigious RFU Presidents Award for Club Management for 2015.

These awards are being held today at Twickenham, and I am pleased to report that the IWRFC has won the award from the six clubs nominated. A huge well done to all that have made this possible, this is massive recognition for everyone’s efforts.

Nick Puckett had this to say;

“It is a great honour to have even been nominated and shortlisted alongside other clubs as one of the best 6 clubs nationally.  Some of the Clubs here are two or three times the size of ours and play at much higher levels, and have large numbers of volunteers and sponsors to help them, so to be recognised on a par with them by the RFU is a fantastic achievement for our Club”

After winning the award he went on to say “This award highlights the hard work and dedication that all the volunteers, players, supporters and sponsors have put into the Isle of Wight Rugby club over the last two years.  We are the home of Rugby on the Isle of Wight and have been for the last 90 years this award shows that we are doing things right for the Isle of Wight Rugby community and putting us on a national stage in the Rugby World Cup year”

Presidents Award for Club Management 2015
President’s Award for Club Management 2015