New Club Shop now live

The new club shop run by Raging Bull is now up on the site.

Just go here and drink in the flare of the garments available

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  1. I vote that’s it’s about time Fritze Ryall gets one of those special ties!!! I was bought up living in the rugby club from as long as I can remember, dad used to bring his trailer and we used to roll the barrels of beer up the pitch until a lady allowed the beer to be delivered to her garden. I wouldn’t change a thing about my times as a child there and that’s thanks to my dad…pissed off I was born a girl though!!! My knowledge of rugby Is probably better than most girls I know, and even at my local team now…..the Exeter Chiefs, I still have to explain to the ‘locals’ what’s happening…. So come on you lot….give him the tie…for his loyalty, moaning and best of all my great upbringing in a great club and my ongoing support for the great sport we all love RUGBY…. love you dad….debs

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