Memory Lane – Jack Preston

DateThursday, December 6, 2012 at 10:03PM! This week – Jack Preston.

Yes, a recent entry to Memory Lane this week, but a fond one all the same. Jack has plied his trade at PGL for the last couple of years and served the second team well in this time, while also putting up with the likes of Crossland and Paul Carter.

Regulars in the second team squad will not forget Jack. Last season he made some notable contributions.

  1. Picking up the ball at no. 8 from a scrum on his own line against Heathens and slicing it across the pitch into the grateful arms of their winger. He scored. We lost 8-5. Heathens went on to win the league.
  2. Trying a drop goal from five metres out away to Nomads when we led by six with time almost up. Jack missed, Nomads ran it back and scored a winning try.
  3. Winning dick of the day on at least four occasions, matching the record of James Horton for DOD awards in a season.

In fairness to Jack, he has also done many good things from number 8 and scored a shedload of tries for the club, as well as landing some kicks at Alresford last season.

Jack is heading off to New Zealand later this month to be with his lovely partner and to further develop his rugby. 1/64th Maori, we may well see him back on these shores for the 2015 World Cup in the black shirt of the Kiwi national side. All the best mate.

Next week: when Dan Taylor was mistaken for Josh Lewsey and got himself a knighthood.