Its live

So this is it, your memories restored, your match reports, lovingly being added to the events that they represent, your photos preserved.

You will see many familiar areas as well as some new ones on the new site, I have tried to maintain the heritage as well as make space for the new.

Players, I will be after some info from you guys, as you can see your tries scored/converted etc are now recorded and show in your stats, but I need some photos of you in your team shirt and some stats like height and weight, it will also display your ages if you have no objections.

I hope you like the site, and if you have any troubles or problems, or not know how to work it, email me straight away on and I will help you out.

Posts appear in this blog and automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, so you should never miss a single bit of IWRFC news. Please sign up for the chat to access it.

Please also pay attention to the calendar, and use the links to subscribe to them, so that they appear on your mobile devices.

I have enjoyed making this site, and continue to enjoy putting things on it and updating the match reports, and I hope to see you guys using it as much as you can.

Isla Ranger