Coaches Comments – a quarterly report

DateSunday, October 25, 2009 at 10:28AM

Well, here we are, a quarter of the league season gone, 1st XV Played 6, won 6, 275 pts for, 67 against, 43 tries scored, 8 conceded. 2nd team playing regularly, many young and new players making their mark. Looks good.

There has been a lot of effort from a lot of you since we started training in July. Our season, in that respect, has been 16 weeks long! So firstly thanks for all that work. Also to the support we have received from old members and new supporters have been a great boost to the lads on the park. And then the social side! As always, top draw.

But let us remember, we have won nothing yet and the rest of Hants 2 is looking up at us and wanting to beat us.

We now need to step up our efforts and aim for even better performances. I feel we have hit 75% of our potential to this date.

The next focus is the next 6 league games up to Christmas. Remember, there are plenty of young, eager and talented ‘nippers’ wanting a place on the 1st XV.

Get up training
Be available for games! Come up and support! Coach.