A lost tie

The Spokane Washington story


As you all know the IWRFC Facebook site has not been in existence long, yet because it does, we have received a communication from a lady in Spokane Washington.

It goes a bit like this;

“Hi there – long story short, my Dad is a big fan of yours, and had a tie with your logo on it (navy tie, seahorse, IWRFC lettering on it), that he was wearing to some firefighter events for a project he founded. At one of the events (after party actually) he lost his beloved tie.

I would love to replace it, do you still sell them? Is there anywhere I can find one? I’ve already googled it, but no luck. I’ve also attached pictures of him wearing it, thanks for any help or direction you can give”.

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Now as you’ll see from the picture, the tie is rather old in style, but an IWRFC tie none the less. Nick Puckett immediately replied and offered assistance, and also asked as to the story behind an IWRFC tie being so far away from home.

The response was this;

“Fantastic! I will get the story and come back to you, I know he did a mission (when he was a member of the Mormon Church, eons ago) in England, I think they must of visited the Isle of Wight, or maybe even lived there for a bit. He is very fond of the Isle of Wight. He and my Mom have had a chance to get back there twice since he lived there, most recently in 2010. He also played rugby here when he was younger.

I’m also going to post an ad on our Craiglist site to see if it’s been found by anyone. Mom has talked about it several times and I know it kills him that he’s lost it.

If you are able to find me one just like that, there would be some THRILLED people here in Spokane Washington.

Thank you for your efforts and I will get the rest of the story”.

We then awaited the rest of the story from Spokane Washington, it came swiftly;

“Ok, Mom says it was when she and Dad were visiting the Isle of Wight during their ten year wedding anniversary trip in 1982. They were in a pub, on the Isle of Wight,and the bartender took it off and gave it to Dad. She says the bartender was a rugby coach at the time, not sure if it was for your club or not.

You can see now why he is so upset to have lost it, now I’m on a full out search! I’m retracing our after ceremony parties to see what bars we were in here, and calling them to look in their lost & founds. I also just put the ad on Craiglist. Maybe it will turn up, maybe Dad just hasn’t had a chance to really search for it. We just completed this project last night, I haven’t even had chance to post pics on our website.

I just got to thinking about the tie again today because Mom was talking about it again yesterday. I guess he’s pretty bummed about it.

Mom also found out that the bartender was at a pub in the town of Wootton, he was older at the time, and they think his name may have been Bert”.


So now the hunt for a tie begins, in an effort to reunite this gentleman with what he has lost.


Words are direct from Facebook Messenger, Spokane Project can be found at http://www.spokesman.com/picture-stories/line-duty/