Month: August 2016

IWRFC shortlisted again

IWRFC has been nominated for the Facility Development of The Year. Well done to all that have worked so very hard for the club for this, it’s a tribute to them and to IWRFC’s continued development as a club and community member.



With a wet and windy evening in the offing, IWRFC traveled to USP to play on the 3G pitch in a pre-season warm up game. K Woodland Photography has very kindly allowed the use of their images from the evenings game. IWRFC took away a strong silver medal from the match. Please see K Woodland Photography for further images, the photos are displayed with the express permission of the owner. K Woodland Photography

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Game day-USP

Dont forget it’s game day, The Rangers travel to USP so a good turn out is needed to feild a team. Great training numbers so let’s convert this to game availability. Good luck Rangers!!

Fixtures are up

Hi all, just to say the fixtures are now up in the calendar on the website for both teams. Just go to the calendar page and hit your operating system to have them sent to your mobile device. It’s easy, and puts Ranger Dates in the palm of your hand.

Calendar for upcoming events

Hi all, more and more dates are being put onto the IWRFC website, and whilst not essential, if you go over to the Calendar page and subscribe to the calendar on whichever platform you have, IOS, Android etc. This will magically put all of the events onto your mobile device, meaning you need never forget an IWRFC event again.

The Curly Files

Here it is, last years Podcast tale from the Golf Day. Brought to you by myself, and an ever slurring Dean and Nick, special guest appearance from Chris Williams and a fine smattering of Metcalfe impressions.

Please be aware, this is podcast contains many many swear words, and references that are completely unsuitable for children, and as such marked Explicit in the iTunes podcast library.


The Curly Files

With Golf Day just around the corner, I will soon be releasing some of the lost audio files that were recorded at last years event. Among the drunken drivvlings of the gathered golf muchachos, there were tales of bravery, tales of cowardice and tales of soiled underpants. But there was also, the Curly files. Much revered ex player, Curly, regaled the company with stories of canoe rides down the Medina, and other such japes. So these files are being released on Ranger Radio for you to enjoy.

For those not aware of Ranger Radio, it’s the clubs very own Podcast, you can find it on iTunes, and probably any other podcast feeder you might use.