Month: July 2016

Rugby Club Mag

Great piece in the Rugby Club Mag on IWRFC and the mention of our all important sponsors. Well done all, and huge thanks to the people investing in the club to make it just that cut above.


image image

Boof in the back row

A more modern photo now, in fact one from August 2006, in in we find Brading, who has looked the same since he was 11 years old. But special mention goes to Pookay for being today’s “Boof in the back row” round of applause for the hair and the hairspray doing the job.

Boof in the back

THIS IS SPAR………Er….Wootton

It is with great pleasure that I announce the rebirth (well nearly) of the IWRFC website. You’ve all had a lot to say about what’s not working and what you want to see improved, so with the help of Chairman Boulter, the web site will be born again, refreshed and ready for the Rangers